J Walsh Construction Inc was hired for this remodel to completely transform an existing “Sears” kit home. In fact, the original structure had been delivered to the site in two pieces nearly 50 years earlier and a small addition had been performed in the 1980s. Demolition involved stripping the entire roof, all of the stucco and drywall and half of the exterior walls and subfloor framing system. Then the fun really began. In order to accommodate modern structural requirements for new wall locations and a second story, JWC added 120 linear feet of concrete foundation in the existing crawl space. The framing was equally intensive, being a synthesis of both conventional and post and beam framing with many walls intersecting at unusual angles. The greatest challenge during rough construction came in framing the roof and cladding the house. Even though the ridge-line is off center and none of the roof sections run at standard angles, it was necessary to make all of the overhangs level and equal in size in order to accommodate continuous tongue-and-groove bead-board soffit. Considering the proximity of the house to the ocean (half-mile) the homeowner elected wisely to use low-maintenance exterior materials without sacrificing quality. The house features both stucco and natural stone and all exterior trim is made from cellular PVC that is completely resistant to moisture, termites, sunlight and salt air. The lone exceptions are two wooden handrails and two side-yard gates which Jon Walsh personally crafted from African teak in order to handle the elements. The interior of the home features oak floors and handrails and an extensive array of white-lacquered cabinets and shelving built on-site by J Walsh Construction in order to allow greater quality control and efficiency in supervising the project and to eliminate wasted space caused by approximate measurements. One of the home’s more spectacular touches is a 12’ x 5’ 500 pound window which was angled specifically to gain the best available ocean view and provide a fantastic place of repose.