Modern Lines On This Contemporary Home


Architect: Owner

Designer: Owner

Engineer: GSSI

Builder: J. Walsh Construction


Location: Bay Park, San Diego, CA


This custom home remodel was built for and designed by a commercial architect who seemed to work out in advance nearly every detail of the home, as evidenced by a 35-page set of blueprints which included the phone number of the salesperson for the tile grout. Now that’s planning! However, this required a specific set of challenges in ensuring the owner’s original vision would not be affected by unexpected job-site discoveries and because the contemporary architecture permitted a reduced margin for error. In addition, the job presented a series of logistical complexities since many custom materials and unique installations were involved. Siding was shipped from Spain by boat, trucked cross-country and then installed in a “rain-screen system”; a pull-down roof ladder was fabricated in Tennessee and then hoisted to the roof for installation and the corner windows were sent as individual sections from a Wisconsin manufacturer which shuts down for an entire month in winter. When the windows arrived on site Jon Walsh and crew disassembled the components and re-fabricated them to create “L-shaped” windows which were set within galvanized angle iron frames which had been custom-fabricated locally but trucked to Arizona for finishing due to local environmental requirements. Other intricacies involved the custom bamboo, walnut and laminate cabinetry, floating shelves, detailed tile work and a black-painted drywall recess which made the ceilings appear to float above the walls. Planning, coordination and communication were particularly vital to success on this project. Upon completion, in a tribute to true collaboration, the client was the proud owner of a striking custom home that turned out exactly the way it was envisioned.