Architect: Hubbell & Hubbell

Engineer: PVEC

Builder: J. Walsh Construction


Location: Mission Hills, SD, CA


Located in the historic San Diego neighborhood of Mission Hills this distinguished Craftsman style house was designed in 1910 and is protected by the Mills Act for its historical significance. When Jon was asked to double the size of the residence without changing the existing footprint, the challenge was met by building both up and down rather than out. To accomplish this split-level design, a foundation was poured beneath the home with the existing walls and roof in place. Below-grade waterproofing was used to protect the future hardwood floor, new kitchen, dining nook, powder room and pantry from moisture intrusion, and the rear half of the original 1st floor was shifted up to provide the full ceiling height needed below. The tall roofline provided just enough height to squeeze a pair of bedrooms-with-balcony onto a split level and the attic itself was transformed into a children’s playroom by reinforcing the existing roof framing and opening the dormers. A Brazilian cherry stairwell links the kitchen, laundry and powder room to the existing parlor floor, split-level bedrooms and the attic playroom, creating a unified flow from the upper to lower levels. Indicative of the Craftsman style, original wood crown, casing and chair-rail moldings were reproduced to match existing trim and windows, re-purposed in new locations. An existing coved parlor ceiling was restored and then duplicated in the library and master bedroom in order to unify the interior of the home and prevent an abrupt change in appearance. In total, the home was increased from 1200 SF to 2400 SF, the Mills Act status was protected, and there is plenty of room for the owner to enjoy and the children to grow.