Architect: JAZ Design

Designer: Charles Tiano

Consultant: IS Architecture 

Engineer: ANP Engineering

Builder: J. Walsh Construction


Location: Mission Hills, SD, CA


This 1922 California bungalow was in disrepair when JWC began revitalization of the historic home. Registered under the Mills Act, a Department of the Interior statute which protects the integrity of historically-significant properties, it was required that authenticity be maintained in reproducing exterior architectural features. JWC hand-built 22 wooden windows to match the proportions and aesthetics of the few remaining original examples, which presented significant challenges in ensuring waterproof conditions while still duplicating the original appearance and plaster texture. Exterior wood corbels and interior gumwood trim were duplicated, repaired and in some cases even imitated, extensive termite and water damage was eliminated and the floors were ultimately repaired and re-finished. In addition to the authentic reproduction of architectural details, a complete modernization of the home’s plumbing, electrical and mechanical systems was required and insulation and drywall were added or repaired throughout the residence. The kitchen and baths were all updated with new appliances and fixtures, and the original fireplace surround was both restored and modernized with the installation of a temperature-controlled fireplace. The square footage of the home was increased with an addition at the back of the property which called for a 9′ high retaining wall to preserve the integrity of the full-height basement. The renovation also included restoration of the guesthouse and expanded the existing garage to hold 2 cars. Finally, the grounds were transformed into a series of courtyards and private gardens equipped with irrigation and drainage systems necessary for year-round use.