Designer: J. Walsh Construction 

Builder: J. Walsh Construction


Location: Mission Beach, SD, CA


This project was somewhat of a rescue mission for a Mission Beach multi-family with dilapidated exterior, dysfunctional windows and no energy efficiency. The shell of the home had been worn by years of termite damage and coastal sun, breeze and moisture as well as general neglect and lack of maintenance. The termite damage was so extensive in places that J Walsh Construction and building owner were inspired to turn a negative into a positive by transforming some awkward recesses into additional living space – which resulted in an enlarged kitchen and an additional bedroom. But the real impact of the remodel was the replacement of tired and vulnerable particle board siding and single-pane aluminum windows with new low-maintenance cement board siding and modern, energy-efficient windows that significantly altered the look and completely upgraded the integrity of the building’s exterior. Additional improvements included a new roof, new heating & cooling system, new insulation, new balcony waterproofing and maintenance-free synthetic materials for the railings, an outdoor shower, and extensive tile work.