Entry To 1920's Bungalow


Builder: J. Walsh Construction

Location: Mission Hills, SD, CA


The goal of this project was to revitalize the interior of a 1920’s Craftsman-style home and transform the living space by removing a non-working masonry fireplace and adding a new bathroom for a growing family. J Walsh was selected as contractor based on strong referrals and the fact that the owner felt we presented the best combination of value, quality and attention to detail.  It was expected that some surprises would be found along the way and J Walsh constantly strived to manage budget, options and communication as new discoveries were made.

This involved re-framing a termite and age-damaged sub-floor and foundation system in the front half of the home, upgrading much of the sub-par plumbing & electrical systems, installing new energy-efficient windows and insulation, and re-plastering the exterior of the home.  Once the infrastructure was brought up-to-date, J Walsh was tasked with its usual responsibility: deliver quality custom finishes in a timely and accurate manner.

The new bathroom received a Craftsman-inspired tile theme with cast-iron tub and pedestal sink, an existing bathroom was finished with rich Tuscany travertine and a pebble shower floor, a modern gas & wood burning fireplace became the focal point of the living room, and touches of Craftsman-style woodwork were placed throughout the front half of the home.  Finally, Jon Walsh and crew created separation between the entry/living area and the dining room by constructing a built-in display case with counter-top and tapered columns.  Serving double-duty, the custom woodwork was built to ceiling level where woodwork and crown molding are used to conceal a structural beam.