Architect: Alex Miller

Builder: J. Walsh Construction


Location: San Diego, CA 


Located in San Diego’s northeastern suburb of Tierrasanta, this full-scale remodel created a potential standoff between client ideas and construction challenges. The original floor plan consisted of many small rooms which interfered with the client’s dream of an open floor plan. J Walsh Construction gutted the kitchen and master bathroom and built a twelve foot addition off the rear of the house in order to transform the main living space and enable significant expansion of the master suite and kitchen. Installation of a series of beams within the ceiling cavity allowed the team to open the dining and kitchen areas while maintaining an uninterrupted flush ceiling. Where walls remained to both protect the budget and preserve structural integrity, J Walsh Construction cut in archways to soften the space and provide a more fluid look. A firm holiday deadline loomed large for the duration of the project and despite the discovery of an inadequate underground electrical supply line and an unexpected slab leak the JWC team was able to get the project completed and move-in ready so the owners could enjoy the holiday in their new home.