Developer: Stone Lion Properties

Builder: J. Walsh Construction


Location: San Diego, CA



This contemporary-style home in the North Park area of San Diego, CA was remodeled and partially designed by J. Walsh Construction Inc. for a local developer. The 2-unit property features canyon views, a 2-level deck, a high-end cook’s kitchen, front and rear courtyard gardens, fire-resistant exterior claddings, a 2-person master shower and bold but clean and simple design cues. JWC and the developer worked together to create a cohesive design language throughout the 2-unit home and installed a series of modern amenities including smart wiring, floor and wall soundproofing, timer and temperature-controlled recirculating water heating systems, drought-tolerant plantings, a curb-less shower, and low maintenance installations such as floating bathroom vanities, concrete walkways and concrete and metal fencing.